Marion + Ben // Burgundy

Location: Burgundy, France.

Marion is French, Ben is English, but France won out and they were wed in the beautiful countryside of Burgundy. I have a great affinity for France (and for wine), so it was wonderful to shoot amongst the vineyards in this stunning wine region. The character and charm flowed effortlessly in the quaint little French towns and it was hard not to become a little intoxicated by it. The wedding started in Meursault, with a ceremony in Tournus (Marion’s hometown), and finished in Pommard, in the 18th century, Chateau de Pommard, where the French and the English sipped the local nectar and danced fearlessly until sunrise.

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  1. Great job Joseph, well done! Love the story telling! The movie perfectly renders the spirit of that very nice wedding with very nice people, and the love that could be felt all along.

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